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 The thing is…I HATE going for facial treatment.


My mom has always been nagging me for not going, and the last time I went for it was probably like a year ago?


I don’t know about you, but the idea of entering a dark room lying down on a bed with a stranger applying all sorts of different things on my face while my eyes are closed totally fill me with dread.


So for those who go for facial frequently, you can imagine how dirty my face was with layers of dead cells, clogged pores and blackheads.


I know. Frown


However, if you still remember one of my entry HERE on the launching of Celmonze GENETIQUE (the latest in skin care technology), you will know that I was given a Celmonze GENETIQUE facial voucher that worth RM598!


Hence, I was like what the heck? Let’s try this! I still need to thoroughly clean my face at least once a year right?


So there I was, draggin’ myself to the beauty salon just two days ago with just eyeliner and concealer on my face. 

Brought my huge envelope bag that mom and dad bought me. Oh super love it!

I was there on time. Ready for the treatment.

Monz beauty salon is located at 105, Jalan SS 21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.

 I’ve to admit that I loved the place the very moment I stepped in.

Warm dimmed lights, aromatically scented, soothing music and the festive season decorations that already filled my heart with the spirit of love and joy.

Oh the beautiful christmas tree!

Ground floor, where private rooms are provided for body massage and foot reflexology.

 The magical apples for youth-extension.

A regenerative plant stem cell extract from a rare Swiss Apple, the Uttwiler Spatlauber.

 Exclusive invitation for GENETIQUE treatment

 Was first asked to fill up the form before the facial starts

 Proceed to the first floor after the professional consultation

Red Ceiling Lamp

New Promotions that girls will definitely interested!

The GENETIQUE products in the glass display 

More GENETIQUE products

One of it is the Skin Activator that does miracles!

 Christmas Decorations that made me happy!

 Aww…just look at the tiny little sweater.

…and also the adorable snowmen!

Celmonze provides good heavy towels with very lush, dense terry loops. 

The Ladies

Everything is very well-prepared. Body Shampoo, Scrub, Lotion, Comb and even contact lens casing with its solution!

The clean and spacious bathroom for clients who come for body massage.

The cosy facial room

Clean towels

 Christmas sock in my room!

 Facial robe and a pretty basket for me

Love it how every single thing was nicely decorated

Time to treat the uneven skin tone and remove the unneccesary dead cells and blackheads!

Took off my accessories and placed in the lacey basket

Stripped and changed into the robe

The magical products for my facial treatment 


*     *     *     *     *


My experience throughout the professional GENETIQUE treatment.

1. First Stacy, the beautician gave me a super relaxing massage. She applied a few drops of essential oil on both her palms, placed them near to my face and asked me to breathe deeply for 3 times that made my feel relaxed right away! Only then she started massaging my head and shoulders.


2. After 5mins of relaxing massage, Stacy gently removed the make-up on my face.


3. She then cleanse my face with Celmonze cleansing milk to remove traces of oils and impurities. I can feel her fingers gently dancing on my face turning round and round sweeping the tiny dirts away.


4. Washed off with a clean sponge after cleansing and applied Celmonze toner for hydration.


5. Then came the GENETIQUE Exfoliating Gel gently applied on my face in order to remove the dead cells that includes intensive peeling, stimulate renewal process, recharge cellular energy, restore skin immunity, activate callagen formation,  and healing & sooting. (Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Panthenol)


6. Added the GENETIQUE Neutralizer after a few minutes of exfoliating for balancing as the Exfoliating Gel was pretty strong in order to remove all the dead cells and the Neutralizer is to stabilize Skin pH, quick restore balance, propel skin healing, calm down the skin, heal and soothe away Eczema, Dermatitis, Hyperkeratosis. (Cold Compress, Allantoin, Panthenol) 


7. Cold towel to remove.


8. Extraction. Oh go away stubborn blackheads! Stacy was so good during the process because the Extraction part that I normally scream in pain during any other facial treatment wasn’t painful at all!


9. GENETIQUE Stem Cells Concentrate then applied after the extraction as the booster. Stacy explained it’s for deep hydration. Besides, it is also to counter aging signs, active DNA shield, deep cellular Revitalization, combat skin damage, firm-up skin contour with intense-moisture effect. (Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Regestril, Cassia Alata Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid)


10. GENETIQUE Skin Activator along with the GENETIQUE moisturizer cream applied after that to rejuvenate the skin and let them absorbed for 5 to 10 minutes. The Skin Activator also acts as the skin cellular energizer, to smooth and firm, boost-up the elasticity, proper cell rejuvenation, revive cellular metabolism, and comes with the anti-wrinkles effect. (Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Cronodyn)


11. Shoulder massage


12. Applied GENETIQUE Skin Activator again for the face massage.


13. Then came the GENETIQUE mask to restore. For deep intense moisturization and seal-in hydration. (Sorbitol)


14. Warm towel to remove the mask after 15 minutes.


15. Applied Toner and Concentrate.


16. Final touch, the GENETIQUE Stem Cell Synthesis Active Cream and Sunblock to protect the skin which also activate cell regeneration, lock-in moisture, strengthen skin structure, triple-boost hydration, super cellular nourishment, as well as to boost natural immunity. (Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Regestril, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Ferox Extract, Para Nut Oil)


*MOREOVER, what I enjoyed much is Stacy never fails to give me a neck and shoulder massage whenever my skin needed time to absorb the GENETIQUE products. I super loved it when she combed and ran through my long hair with her fingers, just like what mom always did to make my sleep when I was a little girl.


On the other hand, it also made me wondered what if the client’s unwashed hair is greasily oily and the beautician has no choice but to do the same? Ew.


 I wished I could take pictures of the whole process but what’s the point if I didn’t relax throughout the professional treatment right? So here’s only one picture of me when Stacy was half-way removing the GENETIQUE mask.

Done! Time to get down the bed and get myself changed.

But before that…I just can’t wait to check the results through the mirror.

Oh! Did I mention that I was given a cushy little pillow to hug throughout the whole facial treatment?

Super duper comfy!

…and there! My freshened-up bare face. 

 I was also given a box of Celmonze GENETIQUE travelling kit that worth RM298!

 Nuff said. I’m a happy HAPPY girl.

Here is the result right after the GENETIQUE facial. 

Brightened skin tone, clogged pores cleared, dead cells and blackheads removed, soft glowing skin.

 This is me WITHOUT make-up and hell yeah I’m LOVIN’ it! *wide grin*


 *     *     *     *     *


All in all, Celmonze provides GREAT services that I was very much SATISFIED.


And of course, the GENETIQUE products are just AMAZINGLY REMARKABLE as you can see.


Many many thanks to Advertlets and Celmonze, I now have a healthy glowing skin!


Now I just can’t wait to bring my mom for Genetique facial next month.


Well if you are as excited as I am and happy with the results shown, do not hesitate and kindly call 03-77259945 to make a GENETIQUE facial appointment now with Celmonze!



TRUST ME, you wil never regret this.

Nature’s gene to youthful longevity are now YOURS to inherit.










Forever yours truly, Esty.