It was just about 2 months ago when I went on a trip to Guangzhou, visiting the Canton Fair (known as the largest China import and export fair), and discovering the best Cantonese delicacies in the city itself.


My favorite travel wallet where I keep my passport, boarding pass, and other important documents.


Was surprised to see that just how cute my flight to Guangzhou is.


Air Asia’s Junior Jet Club. Adorable, isn’t it? *grins*


I saw my little red luggage! Just right there, sandwiched in the middle.






And surprisingly enough, I was on cloud nine to know that my friend was the co-pilot to fly the plane to Guangzhou when the Captain announced who his First Officer was.


So we ended up chatting away at the back of the aircraft, and I was introduced to the hot cabin crews on board.


Oh lucky me! 


 Carts of warmly kept delicious in-flight meal.



They were so nice to give me a box of Krispy Kreme, a cup of hot coffee, and a bottle of water.


Guess my flight wasn’t so boring afterall. 


Yummy Yum! Everything tastes extremely good when you’re flying on a plane.


And then I was invited into the cockpit!


It’s my turn to control the flight deck.


Hello there sexy pilot, Edmund Tan!


Arrived safely in Guangzhou. *flying kisses*


Salute to the pilots who flew us there safely.

Oh did I mention that the landing was perfectly smooth too? :)


Captain and the co-pilot. *winks*







And then… 

My Very First Meal in Guangzhou!


 The famous Fast-Chinese-Food chain in China, the “真功夫”.


Looked like a KFC to me, but indeed they serve undeniably good Chinese food! 


 My Dinner Set. Well, supper actually.


 Fragrant steamed rice.


 Delectable steamed pork cake with preserved vegetables in it. 


 Mouth-watering chicken herbal soup that I was happily slurping away.


 Silky smooth steamed egg that was extremely irresistible.


 Another dish of heavenly steamed pork.


Well-seasoned steamed vegetables. 


Little curry fishballs.


Literally means “Real KungFu”.


Happily stuffing myself  in Guangzhou.


At first I thought that was a beansprout in that bowl of steamed egg.


Then only I found out that it’s a cute little fresh Anchovy!









Till then loves!

Will see you in the next entry on my Little Travel Journal.


Yours truly, Esty.