Was once again exclusively flown to the beautiful Penang island to attend one of the most happening ‘Hennessy Artistry’ of the year just one and a half month ago.

Many thanks to Hennessy and G2PR.

It was an early flight, but everything was well-planned and stated in the given trip briefing pack upon arrival. Travelled by MAS and checked-in by the PR agency, I knew right away that everything will be carefully taken care of and it’s going to be the best party trip of the year no doubt!

Excited us! but still a little sleepy nonetheless. *yawns*

The breathtakingly beautiful mother nature that attracted my attention when I lazily gazed out the window.

It took only 45 minutes and there we were, safely arrived on the touristy island.

Chauffeured to Straits Quay where G2 (the PR agency) and Hennessy have booked us lunch.

It was really thoughtful and nice of them, as always.

Above is a picture of grandpa Tim and the gorgeous ladies from MHB. Smile

Blue Reef, heard it was good.

A nice picture together while patiently waiting for our orders to arrive.

Xiang, my obedient little pet brother.

Always thirst-quenching for a sunny day

Healthily grilled.

Lamb Shank. Aside from the soft tender meat, we couldn’t get enough of the mash potato below it.

Too damn delicious.

My Cod and Chips, incredibly mouth-watering.

Can’t wait to dig in!

After lunch. One of the prettiest view at Straits Quay.

So pretty we thought the photo above looks like it was taken in Australia.

Was then brought to the convention centre not long after lunch.

To meet and greet the artists who were going to perform at the artistry party later that night.

The very first to take a sneak peek before anyone else does! Laughing

Which is your favorite? Mine is the Berry.

Unlimited glasses of refreshing Hennessy were served at the press conference

Lollipop F

Everyone’s favorite MTV VJ Rich

Andy Moor

At the press conference

Time to get ourselves checked-in to the hotel.

Patiently waiting for our transport to pick us up at the main entrance.

Arrived at G Hotel, one of the best in Penang.

Chilling at the lobby while waiting for Ashleigh from G2 to get us our individual room keys.

We were so pampered like that! *grins*

My spacious room!

All to myself! Cool

The famous Gurney Drive. My spectacular view by the window.

Exhausted. It’s been a long day.

One more hour and I had to get ready. Didn’t really have time to take a good nap.

Skulls in colours

That’s it…till my next post on the big Hennessy Artistry party that night!

Stay tuned.







Fun Love Share, Esty.