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The beta version of GamesMana.com in Simplified Chinese has launched on 15th of August 2012!

GamesMana.com is a community portal that enables gamers to access free-to-play games, which span a wide range of game genres, and interact with other like-minded gamers with a single unified account. With the community-friendly and personalized enhancement features, you can create, customize and mange your gaming persona, find fellow gamers and friends as well as join chats and game matches easily.

This GamesMana.com beta version will the launch of three Chinese games that have proven to be hugely popular with gamers in China, 大航海, 传奇国度 and 三国列传 in four phases from 15th August to 12th September.



1. 大航海 (Playable from 15 Aug – 21 Aug)

A massively multiplayer online role-playing game set during the Age of Exploration, providing a romantic and historic fictional account of the era. Players may choose from 5 nations: England, France, Spain, Portugal or Turkey.

《大航海》是以欧洲“大航海时代”为舞台的线上模拟海洋冒险游戏。“大航海时代”又名探索时代或地理大发现时代,指从15世纪到17世纪时期。该时期内, 欧洲的船队出现在世界各处的海洋上,寻找着新的贸易路线和贸易伙伴,以发展欧洲新生的资本主义。在这些远洋探索中,欧洲人发现了许多当时在欧洲不为人知的 国家与地区。


玩家在游戏中是在大航海時代生活的人们,驾船开展世界之旅。 在世界中的海洋中航行、以世纪大发现为目标、赚取金钱。作出自信的作品、努力从事海盜的事业、过着捕鱼的生活、然后享受著人与人的邂逅…一切都是玩家的自由。

在《大航海》中玩家可以选择英格兰王国、法兰西王国、西班牙王国、葡萄牙王国、奥斯曼帝国 共5个国家进行游戏,玩家选择国籍创建角色后将在各自所选国家的城市里出生,进行大航海之旅。


2. 传奇国度(Playable from 22 Aug – 28 Aug)

An action role-playing game with mythical and fantasy settings, where players can select their hero from three character classes – warrior, mage or priest – to battle for supremacy.

传奇国度是一款以魔幻世界战争暴乱为背景构架的ARPG游戏, 共分三种职业,战士、法师、道士!其游戏拥有精致靓丽的画面,动感劲爆的PK场面, 多样化的游戏模式,在体验游戏本身精彩的同时更能享受到了昔日与兄弟连并肩征战的青葱少年时代!

每个服务器中,前98个达到40级的玩家,可以在碧月城的Npc地狱使者处领取一把诺提亚魔刃(魔杖,魔剑),按照职业给. 每个人只能领取1次,该武器,无法摧毁,无法交易,无法放仓库。当玩家装备上诺提亚系列的武器,杀死另外的玩家(最后一刀他打的就算他杀的),如果死亡的该玩家装备上诺提亚系列武器或者包裹中存在诺提亚系列武器,并且 满足该次死亡随机进入诺提亚武器消失的几率时,杀人玩家的诺提亚系列武器,数值进行成长.死亡玩家的诺提亚武器消失. 说的简单点就是,玩家必须装备诺提亚系列武器,杀了有诺提亚系列武器的人(无论装备上还是包裹中),有几率吸收死了的人的武器数值。(被吸收的人的武器会消失) 玩家死亡时,诺提亚系列武器均有可能消失.(无论是被怪物打死或者被玩家杀死)。

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3. 三国列传 (Playable from 29 Aug – 4 Sep)

Based on events from the historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, players can rewrite history by using characters, such as an awe-inspiring warrior like General Zhao Yun, a brilliant strategist on par with Advisor Zhuge Liang or a legendary archer like Taishi Ci.


“一吕二赵三典韦,四关五马六张飞”,三国武将榜、谋士榜上的名士,一个也不少,还有其他一些枭雄(曹操、刘备),美女(貂蝉、小乔)等。每名名将均有自己的特点,更能打造成自己的专属名将。赤兔胭脂兽、的卢、绝影无影、爪黄飞电,四大名驹,粉墨登场, 当然还有其他名马,照夜玉狮子、乌云踏雪等,总有一匹适合自己的。 而且骑上它们,马上作战,更显英雄气。

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Why sign up for a GamesMana.com Beta account?

– Be granted access to owning a unified gamer profile that will give you the power to access many of the latest and most popular games, starting with the three web browser games during Beta

– A good platform for social gamers to interact with each other and work together and accomplish greater goals

– Receive 100 Mana points upon your first login each day for the duration of the Beta to spend in games

– Gain double game experience bonus during weekday happy hour from 7pm to 9pm and weekend happy hour from 3pm to 5pm and 8pm to 10pm

– Gain triple game experience bonus during Friday and Saturday’s midnight madness, from 11.30pm to 12.30pm

– Obtain special game items and Mana points by topping the player charts in the game (to earn bragging rights!)

– Interact with fellow gamers in the forums and chat about the latest game strategies or even post a game review, citing what you love or hate about the game



There’s MORE!

– Just sign up and win daily and weekly prizes: SteelSeries merchandise including the limited edition Frost Blue Headsets, Kinzu gaming mice and mouse pads (http://goo.gl/PLhNK)

– Vote for your favorite showgirls from the latest game shows and events. Who knows, you may just be invited to a special GamesMana gaming event to meet some of them very soon (http://www.gamesmana.com/?ShowGirlList)

– Sign up and win the next gen Wii U when its released and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Earn additional chances by posting a photo of yourself with a blue item or even better, a Mana potion bottle. Or come up with your own creative take on what “Mana” represents or means to you! (http://goo.gl/PLhNK)

Here’s a sample picture of yours truly in blue.



What are you waiting for?

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