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Got introduced to the latest beauty toy that is easy to apply and fun to play with!

The Salon Effect Kit that includes 16 nail polish strips, a cuticle stick, and a pink mini file & buffer.

The manual pack

I decided to choose the “Wild Child” among all the other designs.

Two tiny packets of nail strips, eight each and sixteen altogether.

Smell E X A C T L Y like our normal nail polish. 😀

Make sure your nails are clean and dry.

Select best-fitting strip for each nail. Then remove the clear protective plastic cover on the strip and peel the nail polish strip from the backing paper.

Choose the side of the strip that best fits the shape of your cuticles and stick it on top of your nail. Hold strip at the center for maximum control and gently stretch strip for a perfect fit. And then, firmly smooth over entire nail. Also, do not forget to run flat side of cuticle stick along edge of strip to firmly bond strip to nail.

Smooth excess over nail edge, forming a crease around the edge of the nail.

Gently file away excess from nail edge using light pink side of the file.

Voila!! My cute little wild child design.

Same goes to the second nail.

And all the other nails! 😀

For a better and longer lasting effect, I applied the Sally Hansen “Dries Instantly” top coat.

And when it says dries “instantly”, the top coat did dry up within a minute after I applied it on the nails. It was amazing!

A full set of super gorgeous Sally Hansen Salon Effects nails, finish applied in less than 15 minutes!

I personally think that this is one the most creative and thoughtful inventions for all busy women out there, not to mention it’s V E R Y useful too! With Sally Hansen Salon Effects, there’s no need for you to check through your schedule, book an appointment during the weekend and sit through all the suffering hours waiting for your nails to be done and dried up at the nail parlours anymore, because with this new fun toy, you can actually get a similar, or in fact, a so much more better and FLAWLESS NAIL DESIGN perfectly polished on your nails! Most importantly, it is so user-friendly you can get it done within minutes and they can last for up to 10 days! Besides, it can easily be removed by any nail polish remover.

Yay! No more headaches heading out with ugly fingernails! Wink


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For more info or other designs, click HERESmile




Have fun wild childs!

xoxo, Esty.