I’ve been collecting Guinness Tees throughout the celebrations of St.Patrick’s Day and the legendary Arthur’s Day since last year. This tee is the one I love the most, with a “Merry Me” printed on it. The Arthur’s Day pre-parties I’ve attended last few weeks were awesome. Free flow of malty Guinness beer, and scrumptious Guinness-infused food that was specially served made me feel rather exclusive, joyfully knowing that Guinness loves and pampers its loyal fans at all times.

Anyway, it was merely a simply outfit that I was wearing. So I played along with my favourite leopard print scarf and a pair of dorky toy glasses. And of course, the messenger bag that I could not miss bringing to work every single day. I’m so loyal that way. Smile


Black T-Shirt: Gift from Guinness

Short Jeans: MNG

Messenger Bag: Sponsored by Sometime Boutique

Toy glasses: Vintage Market

Leopard Print Scarf: Couldn’t remember, but I’m pretty sure you can find it in Sungei Wang or Times Square. ;)



Happy Holidays once again!





Photographed by Jeff Chiow