Hello pumpkins!

Remember my little getaway to Malacca few months ago HERE? =) Yea, so above is a little something that we tried during the trip.

It’s undeniable that the weather was hot and humid that time when we were there and all of us were extremely thirsty after the little tour in Philea Resort. So Jason decided to bring us for some Coconut Shake to quench or satisfy our uncomfortable throats. He told us that there’s quite a number of coconut shake stalls in Malacca town, but the one that he brought us to is the best and the most famous one! Ahh lucky us, we had a Melaka Boy as our tour guide. Cool

I was pretty amazed when we first arrived, by the amount of people that were queuing up dying to get their coconut shakes under the blazing sun. It’s like how people here are desperately queuing up for bubble milk tea from ChaTime no matter how poor their services are (Hint: SS2 mall has the best ChaTime!). I know, everyone is addicted to ChaTime recently and that definitely includes me. :/ Anyway, the big difference here is this is just a tiny stall right beside the road and next to a dirty drain while all the ChaTimes are located in nice shopping malls in the city. Yet, people are still queuing up for it! :D

It’s less than 3 bucks per coconut shake. The special one. And I think what people like most is the Wall’s vanilla ice-cream that they use to blend together with the fresh coconut juice in order to get that delicious taste of the drink. And then voila! A beautiful shake to satisfy our thirst.

iRate: 6/10


Where is Klebang Coconut Shake?

Along Jalan Klebang Besar (Next to Caltex)

MAP here.

Opening Hours: 12.30pm – 6.30pm daily





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