Oxford Cardigan: Noir “When East Meets West

Green Top: Messages Boutique

High-waisted Pen Skirt: Forever 21

Brown Heels: Stella Luna

Envelope Bag: This & That Boutique

Aviator Sunglasses: RayBan

Necklace: Diva

Vintage Rings and Earrings: Doodle Accessories, Fahrenheit 88

Vintage Watches: Gifts from mom and dad :)


Here, my first look! Just a simple one to start off with, hope you like it. =) Will try my best to improve more in mixing and matching in my upcoming entries. In the meanwhile, check out and download Tongue In Chic‘s new app “Style Snaps” from the App Store if you are using an iPhone. That’s where you can shoot and share your outfit shots with other fashion lovers on the go, how fun is that! <3






Photographed by Michelle L & KoiLee/Dernier Cri