SOh! My very first haul entry.

Thought I should start somewhere, and here it is. Got all these stuff on the same day I went to POSH! Spa here.


1st pic: Sally Hansen’s nail care. It was more like a gift in my goodie bag t’was given during the Sally Hansen launching event at Sunway Giza. So happy I just have to share it with you! They gave me two different earthy colours that I love, two bottles of nail growth polish and an instant dry top coat nail polish. Yummy! =)


2nd pic: Checked out the ALL NEW sephora in front of Star Hill. OH every girl’s love! Was in a rush so I didn’t manage to browse the whole store. The only thing I’ve got is their dry shampoo that Naomi recommended, and I’m pretty curious whether or not does it work on oily hair. Think it’ll be a perfect hair care item when I’m rushing to somewhere and I don’t have time to wash my super long hair (if it really works).


3rd pic: Neutrogena. The cleanser that I’ve been using for years, especially when I’ve no idea which better ones to go for or try. Definitely can’t live without “whitening” cleanser! It’s like a MUST in all my skincare products.


4th pic: SOFY Double Fresh. My favourite panty liner that a good friend of mine recommended. It’s a 2-layer panty liner, and all you need to do is just peel of the top layer when you are going to change a new piece of liner. Easy to change and minus the trouble of bringing pieces of panty liners in your bag.


So eah..that’s it!

Will try to share more with you cupcakes in the future. =)


Care Love Share, Esty.