We were given a goodie bag with Venezuelan cookies in it

Proceeded to Samplings for some Venezuelan fine dining by Chef Carmen Rawstron

Venezuela’s Ambassador, Manuel Guzman at our table

Thought the fork was cute with a hole in the middle ha :D

More performances while we dine

Butter sprinkled with salt

Entree: Cream of plantains with almond crisps

Main: Spotted stingray and plantain pie with coconut sauce with mixed salad and pineapple

Dessert: Soursop Cake



*              *                *                *             *



Everyone was super high with Paul Wong performing on the stage.

Didnt know who he was at first, then only they told me that he is one of the singer/guitarist in the legendary rock band, Beyond!

A whole tower of Tiger beer

SPOTTED!! Paul Wong surrounded by bodyguards and his manager walking pass our table

Was invited to attend Venezuela’s Gastronomic Festival 2011 at Berjaya Times Square few days ago. Wine, beers and cocktails were served along with the scrumptious finger food when we first arrived for the launching ceremony. Not sure whether those are authentic Venezuelan finger food, but it sure was pretty yummy we kept asking the waiters for more! Fried red bean paste, meat balls with Avocado sauce, and Mozarella cheese stick specially made by Chef Carmen Rawstron were my favourites. Venezuelan songs were played and sang, while Salsa dancers were sexily shaking their bodies. It was definitely an eventful night. After the introduction of their Master Chef and the ice-breaking ceremony, we were then led to a restaurant called the “Samplings”, a fine dining restaurant on the same 14th floor to savour some truly authentic Venezuelan food.

Funny thing is, we were giggling ourselves away throughout the dinner. The food that they served tasted pretty much like our Malaysian food. First, we all think that the soup tasted very much like our Indian Dahl that we used to eat Roti Canai with. Secondly, the main course tasted like otak-otak with banana in between.

INTERESTING indeed, don’t you think? :D


Attended another event after dinner. A showcase of the upcoming Asian Musical Festival this end of the month, featuring many famous celebrities all around Asia especially Hong Kong. For instance, Edison CHEN! It’s gonna be so much fun! A 10hrs concert, can you imagine? Asian freakin’ rawks! :)




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