Massive birthday celebration since 1st of June, and it’s still NOT over yet!


Can’t wait for the Big Party this coming Saturday.


Officially 25 years old and hope it gets better with age.

Was at Bentley’s Pub, Nikko Hotel for my birthday dinner.


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Thank you so much BBO, lovin’ the Birthday entry! *grins*

The hotel chef and I.





And thank you to Joshua who wished me in one of his recent entries –

We were there at the AXE launch party held in Euphoria, Ministry of Sound after my birthday dinner and before the surprise birthday bash at Zouk. I was basically rushing here and there that night, but it was all worth it.






Thank YOU so much for all the Love and hundreds of greetings on Facebook, Twitter, calls, and text messages.










Not forgetting my very close friends Shantee, Aivee, Phil, Junee, Jingz, Chen and so many others that celebrated my birthday with ongoing surprises!

Blowing out the candle in the club.


Jingz and Shantee.


My two sexy party planners, Aivee and Shantee.


With my gorgeous Juju, and the ever charming Mr.Koo that surprised me with the huge Birthday Burger.







Thank you THANK YOU ALL!


From the bottom of my heart.


You guys are my wish come true.

*flying kisses*





Love lots and always yours truly, Esty.